Friday, 14 April 2017

London Assembly Environmental committee - meeting and testimony follow up

Thank you to those below who went to the London Assembley and testified before the environmental committee.  It would seem the heartfelt testimony made a big impact.
Also, if you emailed the environmental committee, well done.  It is critical that they understand this is a London wide issue and not just constrainded to a few locations. 

We had representatives from: Covent Garden, Barbican Association, Euston, Marylebone, Archway, Seven Sisters, Mornington Crescent

If you haven't emailed the environmental committee yet, please do so now.  It doesn't have to be a long email.  A few sincere lines will do.  (Just copy/paste what many of you have written to me, anything is better than nothing.  The committee emails are below.  This is important as Is it an issue they may take up and have the power to make changes.  Writing in will have a higher impact/effort ratio than anything else we will likely do in the near future on this issue.

The video of the committee meeting and testimony is online here.  

The minutes can be found here when posted.

Also, thank you to those who repsoned to the request for an interview.  The modus operendi of the press is to give very little notice for an interview e.g. same day onsite, 1h for phone interview.  Perhaps give it some thought now and if/when the next request comes in, be ready to accommodate.

Murad Qureshi as former LA member has submitted this blog post.

An excellent BBC interview is found here, thank you to Ian and Luce for volunteering on short notice.

See updated map of impacted areas here.  I have made the effort to place the markers in general neighbourhoods and not on specific address.  You can see how widespread this issue is.  If I am missing anyone, let me know.

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