Sunday, 10 September 2017

Shocking story of Londoner made homeless by intolerable tube noise.

My name is Dr. Luce Jacovella,

While the Mayor of London is celebrating one year of night tube and its economic success, its casualties are never mentioned. These are the residents that are forced to live the slogan ‘London city that never sleeps’, literally.

I have been living in the same flat over the Victoria Line for 9 years without any problem until August 2016. Suddenly, the noise from the tube below my flat became unbearable. It was so loud, I could not even have a conversation because the noise was  louder than normal speech. This day and night.
I have tried to seek help from every authority that has a say on this matter. Like many other London residents, who are affected by raising tube noise, I have asked help to TfL, to my Council, to the members of the London Assembly. The response has been unsatisfactory, at best.

TfL has ignored my complaint for over 8 months despite I was writing every week and the noise they measured was over 52dB, with 85dB of vibrations. When they could not ignore my case anymore, they slowly started remedy works with very poor results. In addition, TfL has denied to acknowledge the damage denying me help with temporary accommodation. TfL has left  me with no option than couch surfing with friends to sleep. I have been forced to leave my flat in order to survive. Depriving someone of sleep, however, is alike to torture.Despite unlimited financial resources, TfL hides behind section 122 of the Road Rail Act 1993 which gives TfL immunity towards ‘statutory nuisance’. 

My local Council (Camden) after over six months of homelessness has offered me a temporary accommodation in a crack house!
London Assembly members say that 'they are trying'.

The Mayor has simply ignored my plea.

The consequences of sleep deprivation and forced homelessness are horrendous.
TfL has deprived me of my human rights, but the Council and the London Assembly has not done much to help me. The result is that after over one year, I am a tax paying homeless.


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